list, list, list – because it’s easier this way.

What I Will Miss About Pau

  • The Galway
  • Wild hedgehogs instead of, I don’t know, chipmunks. Strangest thing.
  • Euro bills and their pretty colors and shiny edges that make me feel like I’m spending monopoly money
  • The ease of public transportation
  • Pints of Guinness from cute bartenders
  • My friends; be they Swedish, American, Egyptian, French, British, Lebanese, whatever – I’ll miss them and the nuances that make them so different from anyone else I’ve ever known. 
  • Random house parties in Lescar
  • The ease of travelling
  • Good fois gras – not the shitty stuff.
  • Creme Brulee
  • L’Etna
  • Free, public wi-fi just about everywhere.
  • The Pyrenees
  • The French language
  • Les chassons pommes, et les croissants et les chocolatines. 
  • In that particular vein, the bakery next to Theleme.
  • Classy clothes

What I Won’t Miss about Pau

  • The supreme lack of Dunkin Donuts
  • The crazy weather that makes New England look dependale
  • Cups of coffee the size of my pinky toe nail
  • Bad drivers
  • Hangovers
  • Carbohydrates
  • Theleme
  • Strange store hours, and eating hours.
  • Pretentious “I think I’m better than you because I speak French and you are clearly stumbling over your words and are a nervous American” people.
  • Lack of cell service
  • Lack of my family
  • Creepy guys.

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