Well, hello. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you aren’t friends or family. They know who I am.

For those who don’t fall into either category, welcome. My name is Caroline. I don’t know how you got here, but I’m glad you’ve arrived. Like any other person, I love to have people listen to me speak. As I’m rather useless at the actual process of speaking, I would prefer you read what I have to say. It’s much more eloquent that way.

At the moment, I’m living in Pau, Aquitaine, France. My home is Massachusetts in a small town called Foxboro that I used to hate. I have significantly more appreciation for it now.

I am not a cheerful person, by nature. I do, however, try.

I enjoy commas.

This blog is a collection of my updates from my European adventure, my personal journal (or, at least, as personal as it can be while being accessible to the rest of the world), and the brief stories that fester in my mind and won’t leave me alone. My parents say I should be a writer. Perhaps I will be, but first I need to kick the habit of writing perhaps all the time.

If you are overcome with the need to say negative things to me, please take your unfortunate attitude elsewhere.


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